Shifts Menu

The shifts menu allows you to view your work schedule, displaying all upcoming shifts.

To access the Shifts Menu, open the Sirenum Menu.

Select the Shifts option.

My Future Shifts

By default, you are taken to the My Future Shifts screen.

If you have any upcoming shifts, they will be listed here.

To see the full details, tap on the shift.

The shift additional information screen has some other options and features (Navigate, Capture Signature, Capture Photo etc), which are explained below.


Use the Navigate button to see the location of the site.

A map of the work site will be displayed using your phones default mapping application (e.g. Google Maps) and, as described earlier, you can navigate to the work site by pressing the Directions button.

Capture Signature

Your shift supervisor or employment agency may ask you to provide a signature when you attend the shift.

To add a signature to a shift, tap the Capture Signature button.

Using your phones touch screen, write your signature.

Press the ‘Save’ button to save your signature.

You will receive a notification informing you that your signature has been saved.

Your employment agency or supervisor can view your signature on their internal Sirenum computer system.

Capture Photo

If you are required to capture a photograph of your work site, press the Capture Photo button.

A new screen will open, where you will have two options.

  1. The quality of the imagine. You can specify if you want to take a high-quality or normal image.

To change the quality of the image, tap on the box that says Normal and select your desired image quality from the list.

We recommend sticking to the ‘Normal’ option.

2. Take Picture. This option allows you to take a photograph of the work site.

The camera will open on your phone and you may be requested to provide the MySirenum app with access to your camera.

Press Ok to provide access (If you press ‘Don’t Allow’ you will not be able to use this functionality).

Take a photograph, then press Use Photo to send the photograph to your supervisor/employment agency.

Press the Retake button if you made a mistake and wish to take another photograph.

After you press Use Photo, you will receive a confirmation pop-up that your photograph has been sent to your supervisor/employment agency.