Sirenum Monitoring

So much more than just time and attendance

Sirenum Monitoring makes it easy to know where your staff is and when they arrive at and leave from their shift, but monitoring is so much more than just that.

Sirenum Monitoring

With your employees in multiple locations, working a variety of shifts, and with limited access to traditional IT tools, how do you know how much they worked? Or whether they showed up at all? Or where they are at the moment you need to find them? Most traditional time and attendance solutions merely collect sign-in and -out information. But you need to know more. And you need to be confident the information is accurate and auditable.


  • Advanced Shift Confirmation

  • Patrol Management

  • Lone worker

  • Time Capture


  • Accurately calculate staff time and attendance without interrupting existing processes
  • Quickly respond to staffing requirements
  • Arm staff managers with the tools necessary for managing their teams

Confidence at a Moment’s Notice

Monitoring tools from Sirenum give you the confidence that you have the location, time, and attendance information necessary to manage your operations efficiently. Site managers and forepersons are able to anticipate problems with staff. And with real-time mapping with GPS verification throughout, your workers’ and even assets’ whereabouts are available at a moment’s notice.

Mobile Time Capture Solutions from Sirenum

Sirenum offers its clients and their customers a wide variety of tools to accurately and safely capture time from workers, with geolocation and the highest levels of security throughout. Our MySirenum mobile platform offers a worker app for self-service, a manager version when a deeper level of confirmation is required, and Sirenum Clock, our new BYOD solution for on-site access management and time capture.