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Calendar management. Shift approval and trading. Holiday requests. Granular availability. MySirenum does all that and more to give you and your teams schedule and availability management at your fingertips.

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Available on all major mobile platforms, MySirenum is the most powerful and flexible staff management app on the planet. Whether you’re a member of the team or the manager, MySirenum helps improve productivity and employee engagement.


  • Improve employee engagement

  • Increase shift coverage
  • Simplify site management
  • Improve on-time performance


  • Shift acceptance

  • Shift trading

  • Advanced shift confirmation

  • Gross pay estimate

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Whether it’s trading shifts, receiving roster notifications, or viewing your upcoming schedule, the MySirenum app allows staff to easily manage their schedules from the convenience of their mobile devices. Plus, workers can easily submit availability updates at a granular level. MySirenum also enables team leads to better manage their teams with manager-specific features and functionality.


MySirenum enables staff to easily communicate geolocated time and attendance. It also allows managers to capture staff data either through the NFC scanner, Bluetooth, barcode, or manually. But MySirenum does more than just time and attendance, facilitating patrol activities, increasing safety for lone workers, and simplifying the management and usage of staff-related assets.

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With more workers taking advantage of The Hourly Revolution, staff is hungry for accurate pay information when they need it. With MySirenum, gross pay data is available on a real-time basis. Staff can also use MySirenum to capture and submit expenses.

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Sirenum Clock

Sirenum Clock is a cost-effective BYOD (bring-your-own-device) solution for on-site access management and time capture. Sirenum Clock software can be leveraged in any NFC-capable phone to easily replace costly hardware solutions with minimal infrastructure.

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