Sirenum Client Console

Streamline agency-client collaboration

The Sirenum Client Console empowers staffing agency clients with access to the most important information and processes needed to ensure good agency-client relationships.

Sirenum Client Console

Sirenum Client Console

To improve operations and drive sales, temporary staffing agencies are desperate to improve client relations. But there are only so many phone calls you can make, and emails rarely stand out in an inbox. With so many reasons to contact your client, agencies need help. With our revolutionary Client Console, Sirenum customers can empower their clients with portal access to all sorts of useful tools. From staff ratings to timesheet approval to dashboards focusing only on data relevant to that client, the Sirenum Client Console can transform your client relationships while improving internal operations.


  • Surface client-specific reports and dashboards

  • Solicit staff ratings

  • Gather staffing requests

  • Enable clients to monitor sites

  • Gather timesheet approvals from clients


  • Improved client engagement

  • Expedited payroll processing

  • Improved responsiveness to client demand

Distribute key tasks

Staffing agencies offering Sirenum Client Console to their clients can easily gather key information to streamline everyday processes, all while dramatically improving client satisfaction and engagement. Clients can more easily submit requests for staff with no lag time or double data entry. Once they enter requirements, they’re on your recruitment consultant’s desktop. No longer will your teams have to chase clients for timesheet approval, the Client Console puts them right on your client desktop and lets you know once it’s ready, significantly streamlining the payroll process. Leveraging powerful Salesforce® technology, the Client Console even allows clients to see reports and dashboards specific to their business.