Sirenum Source

The only vendor management system built for shift workers

You’ve probably heard of a Vendor Management System, but have you ever heard of a VMS for shift workers? No. That’s because it didn’t exist, until now. Sirenum Source is the only VMS for the dynamic workforce, and we are proud to be able to offer the power of Sirenum to source the best person for any job, every single time, in any situation.

Sirenum Source

Shift scheduling with or without VMS is complex. Scheduling shifts require intensive communication between the worker and the vendor. Previously, when shift workers were needed from a hiring manager, they would use their distribution channels to contact their Managed Service Provider or Neutral Vendor. If no workers were available, other vendors or subcontractors would be contacted to find the right
person for the job.

Sirenum Source means that the hiring manager can go straight to all their resource pools at the same time, speeding up the entire process, and ensuring your shift demands are met quickly, with the right resource, time after time.

Benefits for Vendors

  • Faster time to fill

  • Access to more opportunities

  • Invoices are more accurate and uniform

  • Reporting errors are minimised

  • Quick approval for their staff

Benefits for Hiring Company

  • A competitive environment for a competitive price

  • A single invoice to the master vendor

  • Standard processes across all vendors

  • Better visibility and control

Sirenum Schedule

Scheduling shift workers with Sirenum helps simplify complicated processes. When a shift is distributed to multiple vendors, they can all use leverage the power of Sirenum to find the best resource for any shift demand based on skill, rating, experience, availability and so much more. Each player will have their own unique view of their shift worker schedules, so the hiring manager, as well as each vendor, have all the information they need to put the right people in the right places at the right time.