Sirenum Engage

The only complete, branded, and personalised mobile engagement app

Sirenum Engage is the only engagement mobile platform that unifies all digital engagement channels. Its self-service capabilities enable workers to manage schedules, access pay information, and more, whenever and wherever.  Sirenum Engage is the first and only of its kind, and has been built with flexibility at its core so it can be configured to your specific requirements.

Employee Self-Service

Sirenum Engage gives your workers control over their work-life balance in the palm of their hands. These self-service capabilities increase their engagement, driving improved shift coverage, reduced employee turnover, mitigated risk, and reduced recruitment costs.

With Sirenum Engage, your workforce can:

  • Manage availability and credentials
  • Accept shifts
  • Confirm when they’re on the way
  • Clock in and out of shifts and breaks
  • Access payslips and submit expenses

Workers no longer need to burden management with these requests, so you can spend less time managing your workers, and more time on revenue-generating activities.

Workforce Engagement

More engaged employees = more benefits for employers. And we’ve seen these benefits first hand.

Using Sirenum Engage, worker churn can be decreased by up to 48%. Onboarding costs can be reduced by up to $100 per person. 

HR costs are reduced by up to 56%, and there is a 91% reduction in all payroll queries.

See how our mobile platform helps drive employee engagement and how you can reap the benefits.


  • Availability management

  • Shift acceptance & confirmation

  • Start & end shifts

  • Expense management

  • Configured to your branding colours and logos


  • Completely configurable to suit business needs

  • Improves employee engagement and responsiveness

  • Reduces employee turnover

  • Increases shift coverage

  • Improves on-time performance

Benefits for Management

Not only does Sirenum Engage have huge benefits for each worker, but it also dramatically improves operational performance for employers. Here are some examples:

Keep current operational processes as it is completely configurable to suit your business needs

Ensure your are using Sirenum in a more effective and efficient way, improving your return on investment

Distribute uncovered shifts to the right workers and the fastest will get the job in just one click

When workers are unconfirmed, you can contact them or arrange a suitable replacement in seconds

With geofenced time capture, you can always pay your workers the right amount, even with complex rate cards