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The most powerful and flexible scheduling engine in the industry

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With the industry’s strongest and most flexible scheduling engine, Sirenum Scheduling helps companies of all shapes and sizes easily configure and manage rosters. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

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Sirenum Scheduling

Who? Where? When? These three Ws are crucial for today’s operations teams. With more hourly workers than ever before, many of whom are remote or mobile, ops teams can be buried by paperwork, whiteboards and spreadsheets as they try to figure out the three Ws.

Whether you’re a small retail shop, a manufacturing facility, or a large global staffing agency, getting the right person with the right skills to the right place at the right time is key to ensuring efficient and effective operations. But it’s not just getting the roster right at the start that matters, it’s handling the inevitable changes and communicating them to all interested parties.


  • Minimum staffing level
  • Staff portal access
  • Leave approval
  • Notification management


  • Mitigate risk of fatigue with contextual fatigue management

  • Expedite roster development
  • Simplify roster updating and notification management

Flexibility and Speed in Scheduling

To help companies across multiple sectors better answer the three Ws, Sirenum has built the most powerful and flexible scheduling engine on the market. Regardless of your industry or geography, our scheduling solutions can address your needs. Smart scheduling and automated rescheduling help simplify what can be extremely complicated, while streamlined notification management ensures any impacted staff member is notified of changes. As well, contextual risk and fatigue management helps companies in regulated industries make more informed decisions about who works, when and where. This collective set of capabilities, combined with the revolutionary MySirenum mobile app, enables Sirenum F3 for staffing agencies, which is the fastest way to place temporary workers.

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