2018 Kickoff Retreat: Beyond The Tipping Point

Team building is one of the most important (and fun!) activities to create a robust team spirit in a startup. Working across multiple locations with team members all across Europe and Israel can make it difficult to make personal connections and develop strong relationships. That’s why Sirenumites like to have fun outside our working hours with our teammates in a variety of activities and events.

Some of the activities that Sirenumites have enjoyed most over the past few years have involved cooperating with other team members outside our working groups and departments. Three years ago Sirenumites successfully completed escape rooms in central London, and similar activities have been enjoyed since.

Laser tag, scavenger hunt, paintball, morning hikes, karaoke parties… Sirenumites know how to have fun. Also, our team has a number of foodies who love the wide variety of cuisines in London. Getting to know each other over these activities and a good meal helps the team become one when pursuing the company goals.

After the fun, the 2018 briefing

As part of our third team annual retreat, Sirenum held an internal briefing day led by each department director and including an address on the market from a senior consultant in the recruitment sector from our partners. The team agreed that the day was inspiring to get the necessary focus towards achieving our company goals in 2018.

Having reached its key targets for 2017, Sirenum is quickly becoming the temporary staffing workforce management solution of choice for the largest agencies in the world. The team grew accordingly and continues to grow as the business matures. In addition, Sirenum has gained a number of partners that help to deliver the best service to customers worldwide.

2018 is a year of big goals for Sirenum, building exciting new functionalities and furthering penetration into the staffing and transportation industries.