London-headquartered industry leader in dynamic workforce management releases emergency community volunteer management application to allow local councils, houses of worship, and other organizations to streamline assistance to the isolated, needy, or ill.

Sirenum, the leading provider of cloud-based workforce management to the temporary staffing industry, is proud to announce the availability of SirenumGo, a community volunteer management solution to help local communities deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic intensifies, many people across the globe are looking for ways to help the isolated, needy, or ill who cannot perform simple tasks such as buying food, cooking or even taking their dog for a walk. While WhatsApp groups are a great tool, a more efficient and effective solution is needed to enable volunteers to indicate how they can help, when, and where. Additionally, for those in need require tools to communicate with relevant volunteers and coordinate assistance.

When faced with the growing challenges posed by the pandemic, Sirenumites wanted to donate their energy and talent to the public, adapting Sirenum’s advanced shift management system into an easy-to-use tool for emergency community volunteer management. Now, any community organisation can quickly and easily set up a website where volunteers can sign up and get a link to sign up for the app. The needy can also leverage the app or simply call the community centre to ask for help.

Sirenum’s industry-leading matching engine automatically tailors and distributes the help request to the relevant volunteers, allowing them to accept the task and communicate directly with those in need. Volunteers can specify their availability, the type of help they can offer, and their activity radius. Upon receiving the assignment, the system will notify the needy that the volunteer is on his way. When the task is completed, the volunteer will receive further tasks as long as he wants to help. Once the volunteer is tired or no longer has availability, the system will redirect tasks to another volunteer.

“The volunteer spirit of our team and of those volunteering is an inspiration to all of us. We felt it was vital to contribute our advanced technology to the public good. As a global company with clients from South Africa to Norway, from China to California, we can see how the pandemic is impacting everyone,” said Benjamin Rubin, CEO and founder of Sirenum. “While most of our customers are huge corporations that pay hundreds of thousands and even millions for our system, now is not the time to look for profits, it’s time to be people-first. The team and I plan to work around the clock to implement this for hundreds of thousands of volunteers. I appreciate and cherish our wonderful team that has taken on this important volunteer mission. I urge everyone–it’s time to come together!”

SirenumGo is available immediately. Interested organisations or partners can visit for more information or to sign up.

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