Sirenum, the leading dynamic workforce management provider, announces the first unified roster-to-net pay solution in the cloud for UK staffing agencies

A pioneer in cloud-based workforce management technology, Sirenum, whose clients include Randstad, GI Group, and Manpower, has today announced the launch of its latest innovation to the market – Sirenum Pay.

Sirenum Pay streamlines payroll processes from start to finish, reducing associated costs by 76%, eliminating payroll queries, and improving cash flow. The challenge of collecting time & attendance information from shift workers, (especially those on ‘zero hour contracts’), calculating the gross pay and net pay, and distributing payslips are felt particularly within staffing agencies. It costs roughly £75,000 a year to payroll a 250 strong workforce, mostly as hidden costs spent on payroll administrators and mid-management. 

With all the processes in one application, Sirenum achieved 76% lower costs associated with the payroll process, eliminated 94% of all payroll queries, and almost 100% of invoicing issues, while reducing debtor days by as many as 15. By leveraging the Salesforce platform, agency payroll processes can now scale and adapt to their business, and reporting is done at the click of a button, saving up to six days per month on reporting analysis.

“We can be processing payroll for hundreds and thousands of employees at any one given time, and we can often become tied up in addressing payroll or shift queries. Sirenum Pay enables our staff to automate much of their workload which reduces our payroll costs by 76%, and we have massively simplified our operations by eliminating all the spreadsheets we once used.” Comments Andre Cunha, Operations Manager at ProActive. 

Benjamin Rubin, CEO and Founder of Sirenum adds, “Sirenum Pay was born from our continued focus on research and development to bring innovation into workforce management. We recognised that the payroll processes are error-prone, typically leaving as much as 10% of the workforce with payroll queries. By offering a net and gross pay solution on a single platform, we empower our clients to focus on business-critical activities while improving operations, reducing mistakes, and alongside our market-leading mobile platform Sirenum Engage, it helps almost totally eradicate payroll queries, improving staff satisfaction while saving money.”  

Industries supported by Sirenum include staffing, railway, aviation, construction, hospitality, healthcare, home care, deliveries, logistics and transportation. Its products are used to manage more than 400,000 workers on the platform across six continents.

Sirenum has been a leading provider of time interpretation technology since its launch in 2013. Time interpretation is the complex challenge of calculating gross pay based on variable pay rates for hourly workers. With its latest innovation, it’s now the only solution to manage gross and net pay for shift workers on Salesforce. 

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