Leading dynamic workforce management provider announces the launch of a fully configurable unified mobile engagement platform

A pioneer in cloud-based workforce management technology, Sirenum has today announced the launch of a game-changing new mobile platform, Sirenum Engage.

Engage is the market’s first mobile engagement platform that offers comprehensive functionality in a single product, with extensive configurability to support requirements for any workforce. Engage gives shift workers greater control over their work life as well as access to information and features previously unavailable via a single engagement platform. Employers, meanwhile, benefit from dramatically increased engagement, which leads to improved shift coverage and on-time performance, mitigated risk, and reduced turnover and recruitment costs.

Available on iOS and Android, Engage is completely configurable. Employers can tailor the mobile platform to suit their exact requirements down to their workflow, branding, and more. As companies scale and require more functionality, Engage will grow with them.

Multiple Sirenum clients are already committed to leveraging Engage to digitise and transform their business operations. “Our aim is to build technology before the market realises they need it,” says Lilian Lustig, product manager for mobile initiatives at Sirenum. “We anticipated our clients would become frustrated with using multiple apps to manage their workers. That’s why we made it available in a single tool. Not only will this improve candidate onboarding and position our clients ahead of the competition, but it also increases engagement and reduces churn.”

Benjamin Rubin, CEO and founder of Sirenum adds, “If the pandemic has taught employers anything, it’s the need to embrace digital solutions. We all became accustomed to digital engagement with our colleagues, clients, and employees. But when it comes to engagement with dynamic workforces, digital solutions have been fragmented and segmented – until now. Sirenum Engage offers a one-password-one-username experience. A true digital workplace.”

Rubin continues, “Our mission is to utilise our extensive experience in the recruitment market specifically, and workforce management generally, to proactively address client needs and develop products that we know will transform their business. Engage represents this constant drive for innovation, and the positive response we’ve had from analysts and clients during the testing phase validates that vision.” 

For more information, please visit https://sirenum.com/engage