Over the weekend, Sirenum launched the 66th release of its staff management platform. The primary highlight of this Sirenum Release is a number of significant UI improvements and modernisations to the scheduling module. Thanks to the team for all their hard work in getting this out.

  • New UI for scheduling module
    • Changes in colours and shapes on many elements
    • Individual filter types have been removed from the top menu. Instead, they are now available by clicking on the filter icon on the right side of the top menu. Filters can also be opened by pressing CTRL+I.
    • A new menu option for scheduling settings has been introduced, with quick links to contacts, sites, teams, rotas, and compliance rules lists.
    • The release significantly improves access to menu items and shortcuts
  • New scheduling feature: Filter Sets, which are pre-defined sets of filters.
  • Minimum Staffing Level (MSL): Hovering over MSL results in the scheduling module will now display the list of people who are covering said MSL.
  • Within payroll, we have improved usability around travel time and pay, and overall travel settings