Sirenum Announces its Latest Release and New Website as Part of its Mission to Change Staff Management

The team at Sirenum is thrilled to launch its new website, announce a new product release, and in turn, announce to the world a new era for staff management.

Our new website reflects our commitment to establish Sirenum as a world-class software provider, with a focus on the business processes and industries that are core to the Sirenum business. We hope you agree that it’s a big step forward for our brand.

In addition, today we announce the latest release of Sirenum, launched last week.  This update includes improvements to the core scheduling engine, the MySirenum app (including new availability on Windows Mobile), payroll and shift trading, all critical components of our platform.

But we are most excited to announce the dawn of a new era for the workforce. Until today, organisations that rely on staff–whether part-time, temporary, mobile, or shift-based–for operational purposes had two choices in the market: either large traditional software packages like ERP, which fail to address industry- and organisation-specific challenges like rostering and staff monitoring and are not agile enough to adapt to changing requirements, or lightweight web-based scheduling tools that live on an island, unable to properly integrate into existing IT infrastructure and business processes.

With Sirenum, now you can have it both ways. Start simple and adopt our scheduling module–available as a free trial soon–and the Sirenum platform can grow as your needs grow as evolve, adding any of our other solutions along the way. We are not just streamlining staff management; we are streamlining the adoption and consumption of staff management software.

As you can see, today is an exciting day for Sirenum and for the industries that rely on staff such as construction, retail, health care, transport, hospitality and more.