Leading London Railtech Accelerator Kicks Into Gear

So somehow it’s already April. And that means we are celebrating our first month at Hacktrain, the rail technology accelerator we were chosen for back in February. It’s been a thrilling four weeks, and it’s great company, as leaders on the train operating side are deeply involved, including names like Virgin Trains, Great Western Rail, Chiltern Railways, and Govia, with executives regularly on-site and acting as internal champions for the adoption of innovative technology to improve product offerings and operations.

We came into the program with perhaps the most rail-specific experience but there’s been a lot of learning in just a few weeks. The other ten or so companies in the accelerator represent a number of different processes and technologies and the overall benefit of shared conversations has been tremendous.

We are very close to launching our first trial for the accelerator and will be excited to share the news once it’s live. In the meantime, check out this great video covering the launch party from a few weeks ago!