It’s pretty awesome… I just love this app.

On this blog, we generally focus on the challenges faced by employers of dynamic workers and how technology (usually our own!) can help those organisations tackle those challenges. The nature of selling (our) software is that the decision is made by management and not the worker, regardless of whether you’re talking about agencies or corporates. So, of course, our content will generally be aimed at those readers who make the decision to buy Sirenum!

But, so much of what we build is about the worker, and there are no shortage of benefits they see. We take our role seriously as a technology platform not just for businesses but also for workers–so we always keep the worker at the heart of what we do. In fact, in our new employee onboarding, we make a point to encourage our new hires to open their eyes to the invisible workforce and to start conversations with dynamic workers about their challenges, interests, and ambitions.

So when just a couple weeks ago, as detailed in this blog post, we saw some customer service ambassadors on the platform of a train station, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity for a chat. But upon seeing our Sirenum shirts, one approached us and immediately started singing the praises of MySirenum. Our very own Déborah Llabrés decided to record what he said, which was remarkable, and frankly humbling. It definitely reminded us all of the power of technology and the important role it can play for the dynamic workforce.

Have a listen to what Daniel had to say: