We are constantly improving our technology to ensure that our customers and their clients are getting the best experience possible. Here are the most exciting updates from our latest release to help you better manage your shift workers. 

Seamless user experiences on all devices

There are so many different devices that can be used to access Sirenum, so it’s of paramount importance to us that our technology works well and provides great user experiences on every one of them. We’re therefore continuously making improvements to ensure this is the case, and our latest release means the Lightning scheduler now allows a single column view to be presented – ideal for narrow devices in particular. We’ve also improved the page shown when accepting or declining an invitation on all devices, so now the entire message can be seen without the need to scroll.

Ensure your workers are getting the pay they’re owed

The Sirenum financial toolkit boasts 75% faster payroll among other huge benefits compared to other processes or systems. Paying shift workers generally involves plenty of complexities, but we’ve made calculating overtime pay even more accurate, so you can be confident you’re paying your workforce what they are owed, and they can stay engaged with your organisation.

Seamless compatibility with Salesforce Updates as always

We’re always on top of the latest Salesforce releases to ensure that the Sirenum technology works seamlessly with any changes or new features that have been introduced. The latest Salesforce release includes tighter platform security, so MySirenum has been revised to ensure complete compatibility with this change. We’ve also ensured that all Lightning schedules run with the new Salesforce release.

Let Sirenum help you keep your workforce safe

The safety of your workforce is always key, and we’ve always been proud of our extensive compliance rules which make conforming to health and safety regulations simple. We’ve just introduced a new type of Health and Safety Rule -“Max Hours over Period”. This new rule allows a cap on hours worked over a rolling time window, so you can, for example, restrict working hours in any given 24hr period. This means you can’t schedule workers who do not fit these rules, which will reduce any potential mistakes or accidents. 

Keep a consistent, professional brand throughout all your processes

We want the Sirenum technology to help you look and function as professionally as possible, so if you have custom branded technology, we’ve now made it possible for your to brand all of the emails that are used within your internal processes, such as sign-up and forgotten password emails. This keeps a consistent look and feel for your workers and ensures your company looks professional. 

More ways to ensure you’re getting the right person in the right job

Our mission is to get the right worker in the right place at the right time. We’ve made this even easier by using our new ‘Worker Search’ functionality, so you can quickly identify the worker(s) best suited for roles. This type of search can now be applied to any form of demand. We also now provide boost or penalty scores for individual workers against a specific set of demands, making it even easier to select the right person for the job.

Enhanced workforce monitoring tools to always keep track of your workforce 

It’s important for you to always know where your workforce is. That’s why we’ve improved MySirenum and Sirenum Clock to provide more accurate data for GPS location, time of day, and site, so you can more accurately keep track of your workforce’s whereabouts, and where they are for their shifts.

Automatically generated timesheets to further ease payroll processes

To further improve our payroll processes, we’ve introduced a new Scheduled Task type, allowing the automated generation of timesheets for pending shifts on a scheduled basis. This frees up more of your time to do what really matters, and leaves all the hard work to us.

Enhanced flexibility in the Sirenum mobile application to improve services

MySirenum has been enhanced to include configurable fields. This means that more bespoke information can be included in each shift, providing more accurate details and relevant information to ensure your workforce is always in the know.

These are just some of the many additions, changes, and fixes we have made in the latest Sirenum update. If you have any questions about any of this, please contact your Sirenum representative or visit our Contact Us page