Editor’s Note: At Sirenum, we value people. Even our apprentices. So enjoy this interview with our latest apprentice, nine year-old Abela Cani. 

Abella Hard at Work at SirenumWhat’s your name?
Abela Cani

What are your hobbies? 
My hobbies are doing gymnastics, contortion, singing, and dancing.

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
I don’t have a favourite ice cream flavour, they’re all good.

Why did you come to work with Sirenum?
Well I came here because my mum said she’s going to take me to work, but then I really liked it so started to come every day.

What did you like about working with us?
Well it’s really fun because you’re the only company that’s always so kind. Other works don’t let kids come to work or play with animals or help with the shredding.

What didn’t you like about working with us?
I absolutely liked everything except for the sweet and sour chicken we had at lunch yesterday.

Would you like to work with us again?

Because you guys are there. I like everyone.