How much does your organisation spend trying to figure out if your workers are aware of today’s shifts? How many employees do you have who have to make endless phone calls to verify you’re going to meet client demand? If you run a staffing business, chances are your answers are “too much” and “too many”.

Many businesses still rely on time-consuming procedures to make sure their dynamic workers are going to show up. Did you know that automation for this task is already available? It’s called advanced shift confirmation. And it’s going to change your life.

What is advanced shift confirmation?

Advanced shift confirmation allows workers to confirm they are ready for their shift in advance via mobile app. This way, the agency has the certainty that everything is going well, being able to focus only on those workers that, for some reason, haven’t confirmed. Let’s see the advantages staffing businesses experience when switching to a modern workforce management solution with advanced shift confirmation.

Manage by Exception

Advanced shift confirmation allows recruitment consultants to save an incredible amount of time. The old manual processes required calling and texting dozens of workers to confirm they were ready and available to work. This is not necessary anymore. With advanced shift confirmation, your consultants only need to worry about those workers who haven’t confirmed in time. In reality, this means that only a small fraction of all workers will need a phone call.

Plan and React

Focusing on the exceptions means that there’s more time to plan for and react to unexpected events. If a worker can’t make it to work, there will still be time to contact someone else to cover that shift. The main advantage is the ability to virtually always comply with client demand, even with very complex workforces.

Increase Sales

If you’re in temporary staffing, guaranteeing your clients shift coverage can be a powerful sales tool. Plus, being able to provide the number of workers you had confirmed is a unique sales proposition. And you can’t do it without advanced shift confirmation. Investing in technology like this will lead to more contracts and better engaged clients.

Engage Staff

Concerned that your staff will rustle at the idea of being chased? Don’t be. Our experience shows the opposite. Temporary staff prefer the connectivity and engagement. They like the sense of ownership. And they enjoy the culture of responsibility it instills. Advanced shift confirmation enables independence for your staff, while you gain the confidence you need.

Engage Managers

Now about those hard-working consultants and how they engage–or don’t!–with your business. With advanced shift confirmation, they can focus on higher-value tasks like speaking with their staff about things that really matter. They can manage more workers and have more responsibility. They don’t need to work as long hours as before, and can gain more flexibility in when and where they do their work. In turn, you’ll see lower staff turnover and lower training costs.

Drive Accuracy and Transparency

Advanced shift confirmation is a modern tool that you should consider when investing in workforce management software. It provides transparency and increases accuracy. Plus, when it’s part of a cloud-based solution, it delivers real-time information for all parties. This can even serve as a sales tool for your business, as well as a way to better engage your workers, whether in-house and contractors.

To learn more about how advanced shift confirmation can drive increased gross profit and decreased cost of management, contact Sirenum today.