Staffing Software ROIAnnouncing the Sirenum for Staffing ROI Calculator

I’ve worked in enterprise software for a long time (don’t ask!). And regardless of whether it’s in the cloud or on your own zSeries, one of the first questions asked about a new piece of software is what its ROI will be. Whether you’re a vendor or a buyer, it’s clear that an analysis of ROI is a crucial part of the decision-making process.

It’s with that in mind that I’m thrilled to announce that our Staffing Software ROI calculator is now available at We’ve done a lot of analysis of the market, our customers, prospects, and partners to develop and refine the underpinnings of the ROI calculator.

Even if you don’t use our Staffing Software ROI calculator, it is important to analyse your own staffing business across the same vectors to identify areas for improvement. Among the components we took into account followed by some questions to ask yourself about your organization:

  • Dynamic Workforce. More than ever, the pressure is on staffing agencies to respond to clients quickly. Agencies are just the latest service that needs to be on-demand. Your clients expect you to be a utility. And you can’t afford to miss an opportunity.
    • How responsive is your agency? How many uncovered shifts do you have in a week? How many clients have you lost in the last year because you missed a shift?
  • Modern Platform. As industry giants move to 3rd generation workforce management solutions like Sirenum, you stand to miss out on a lot of new business without tools like cloud-based integrated scheduling and compliance.
    • How cloud-friendly is your infrastructure? Are you managing staff in a linear fashion? How long does it take to identify compliance concerns?
  • Self-Service. Client and staff self-service tools are the next big frontier in staffing. Clients demand them and they go a long way towards facilitating a dynamic environment.
    • How much are you empowering your clients? Your temps? Can your platform facilitate client review of schedules? Timesheets? Invoices? 
  • Competitive Differentiation. Technology and process can enable you to create new products and improved service provision to your clients. Building these new products and the SLAs to support your existing ones will differentiate you from your competition.
    • Are you making promises about your service delivery? Are you able to? How well are you delivering on them?
  • Temp Satisfaction. A mobile presence for your brand on your temp workers’ phones is great for branding, engagement, and overall satisfaction. And it empowers your temps to act quickly on opportunities, with your agency before those without a mobile presence.
    • How engaged are your workers? What’s your temp turnover like? 
  • Process Automation. Getting to payroll is a big drag on efficiency. So is managing compliance. Getting from A to Z with minimal human interaction is crucial to meeting your efficiency goals.
    • How much double data entry is your team doing? How clean is your data? How long does it take to process payroll? 
  • Recruiter Satisfaction. SaaS and mobile-friendly access to work tools allow more flexible working conditions to your operational employees. Happy and engaged consultants have a massive impact on the satisfaction of your temps and clients. And onboarding new ones is a drain on resources and cash.
    • What’s your consultant turnover like? How much does it cost to onboard new recruitment consultants? Can your consultants work from home if needed? 

As you can see, there are a number of KPIs and processes a modern agency should be tracking. Check out our Staffing Software ROI calculator today and don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.