Why workforce woes from Brexit, Covid-19, budget cuts, and impending legislation all point towards the need for the care sector to digitise as a matter of urgency (download report below).

Care managers might still be feeling the effects of the covid-curveball that hit us all over a year ago, but the difficulties the sector faces are far from over. 

Whether it’s recruiting challenges – apparently new figures suggest there are currently 100,000 vacancies in the sector – or budget cuts giving managers a headache when it comes to balancing the books. And now the government has made it clear it wants the sector to embrace greater digitisation with a series of requirements that are intended to go live in 2021.

The proposals are aimed at improving data collection and sharing between organisations to reduce bureaucracy in the system. It’s a noble aim but one that will require managers to get on board quickly to ensure they have the right technology in place to meet new guidelines.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a report that summarises the key points of the government’s proposals. It also includes advice on how you can prepare, the questions you should be asking of potential suppliers, and case studies of care organisations on how they leverage technology.  

What is covered in the report:

  • The budget shortfall and what you can do as an organisation to streamline operations and save money
  • Existing challenges facing the sector and how to mitigate against them
  • New proposals around data sharing and how to ensure your organisation is prepared
  • What kind of information you need to collect and store under the new proposals
  • Future-proofing your workforce
  • How to prepare for digitisation and what the benefits are
  • What you need to know before going digital
  • What questions you should be asking potential suppliers
  • Case studies of healthcare organisations that have used technology to streamline operations and processes for business benefit

The move towards a more digital care sector is coming, so make sure you’re aware of what you need to do and avoid any unnecessary panic by leaving it to the last minute. 

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