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Think You Know the Gig Economy? Think Again.

Sirenum for the dynamic workforce

Despite the Gig Economy being a boon for freelancers and other project-based workers, hourly employees and temps actually represent the fastest growing part of the labour market. Dynamic workers such as doctors and nurses, painters and plumbers, and teachers and carers are being left out in the cold, making their employers’ bottom lines suffer.

Sirenum dynamic workforce management technology helps employers with virtually any type of hourly worker. Our industry-leading scheduling and compliance engines ensure your business has the right person at the right place at the right time. But getting the right person to the right place at the right time while keeping them engaged is just part of the challenge. Sirenum also helps monitor your workers and pay them accurately and on time. Sirenum streamlines and automates staff management, allowing your teams to focus on higher value tasks and enabling your business to reach new heights.

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    F3 by Sirenum

    F3 by Sirenum allows recruitment consultants and operations teams to broadcast openings and get confirmation from workers faster than ever before. F3 lets only relevant staff view and accept available shifts, increasing engagement and improving efficiency across the value chain. With F3 by Sirenum, you can lower your time-to-fill to just ten seconds.

    Save up to 4% on Your Total Cost of Labour

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