Solutions for Streamlining Staff Management

Built From the Ground Up to Manage the Most Complex Workforces

Regardless of industry or specific staff challenge, Sirenum helps organisations gain efficiencies across the different workforce management processes. Sirenum leverages cloud technology to address the challenges of even the most complex workforces. Scheduling is the core of our solution, and it’s automated into time and attendance, worker’s availability, all types of health and safety regulations, mobile communications, and all the way to net pay. Sirenum integrates with industry leaders to adapt to your company’s specific needs.

0% ROI
Sirenum clients achieve up to 400% ROI
Sirenum clients cut their time-to-fill by 80%
Sirenum clients add up to £24,000 in gross profit per recruiter annually
Sirenum clients process payroll up to 75% faster

The Sirenum Platform

The Sirenum dynamic workforce management platform leverages cloud and mobile technology to increase revenue and lower costs across multiple key processes

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    Sirenum is built with industries with complex workforces such as temporary staffing, transportation, construction, security, and healthcare in mind. Whether workers are temporary, hourly, mobile, or highly regulated, Sirenum has built solutions specific to those and similar industries.


    Sirenum partners with industry leaders to deliver the best dynamic workforce management solution on the market. As a native Salesforce product, Sirenum can integrate with thousands of the leading B2B software tools with little or no implementation. Learn more about other Sirenum Partners.