Sirenum for COVID Vaccinations

Quick and efficient vaccine administration to those who need it most

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    Sirenum for COVID Vaccinations

    We are right at the beginning of the most unprecedented global medical programme in generations. As vaccines are ordered and the most vulnerable prepare for their number to be called, medical staffing companies around the globe will need to manage their staff better and more efficiently than ever before.

    As the global leader in dynamic workforce management, Sirenum combines compliance, scheduling, monitoring, and mobile technology in a single easy to implement cloud-based platform. In particular, Sirenum is uniquely positioned to enable vaccination workforces to function as effectively as possible by:

    • Scheduling staff to the vaccination location where they are required
    • Allow for segregation from business-as-usual operations
    • Track medical staff in isolation

    With Sirenum, medical staffing companies can put the right person in the right place at the right time, saving time, saving lives, and ensuring that the most vulnerable are cared for as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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    Scientists have done incredibly well to develop a vaccine in under 12 months. Staffing the administration of this is now our job. And we’ll help you rise to the challenge.

    Watch our webinar ‘How to be at the forefront of staffing the vaccination rollout’ that we hosted with our implementation partner entero to ensure you’re ready to do your part in this pandemic.

    Sirenum for Care Staffing Agencies

    Our solutions for the care industry are not just for COVID vaccinations. Agencies providing staff to care organisations can also benefit from our industry-leading scheduling and compliance engines to manage their carers. To learn more about how Sirenum can help your agency, visit Sirenum for Staffing.

    Saving Time. Saving Lives.

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