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Reach Your Operational Goals

In real estate, the key to success is location, location, location. But if you're in the staffing business, you know it's operations, operations, operations. You probably got into recruiting and staffing because you like helping people find the right job. But getting the right person is just part of it, especially with part-time placements.

Contingent workers need to be where you want them. On time. Every time. If you're not hitting your targets, there's another agency out there that will. And it doesn't stop with getting them in your client's front door. Protecting their health and safety and minimising client risk are crucial, too. So is getting your people paid accurately, efficiently, and on time. And don't forget to make sure you get paid by your clients!

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F3 by Sirenum

F3 by Sirenum allows recruitment consultants and operations teams to broadcast openings and get confirmation from workers faster than ever before. F3 lets only relevant staff view and accept available shifts, increasing engagement and improving efficiency across the value chain.

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Building and managing rosters is core to staffing operations, regardless of client industries, size, or location. Sirenum's industry-leading scheduling engine automates roster management with embedded compliance, competency, fatigue and risk management. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Say hello to the right person in the right place at the right time. Every time.

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Staffing and recruiting agencies need confidence that their staff are where they need to be. Around the clock. Good scheduling is crucial, but to deliver the best service, you also need to monitor your employees. With the increased transparency provided by Sirenum monitoring tools, you manage your teams more effectively and your clients know what they need to know about your staff's work.

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Today's staffing environment is already burdened with myriad efficiency challenges. The last thing you want is your back-office teams burdened with reams of paper to manage payroll. With automated timesheet and payroll development, Sirenum saves up to 75% of payroll processing costs. Sirenum even supports one-click invoice generation. Sirenum takes your mind off paperwork and keeps it on serving your clients.

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Save up to a Third on Your Staff Management Costs

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