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How The Good Care Group Leverages the Power of Sirenum

The Good Care Group is the UK’s leading live-in care provider. They have a team of six schedulers working with over 900 carers, looking after several hundred clients across England and Scotland. Hear from Tony Hall, Head of Technology for The Good Care Group, in the short videos below, or download the case study here.

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    Sirenum for Care

    Whether you run a family of care homes, manage a travel nursing agency, or are in a hospital, managing your people efficiently is key to caring for your patients with both efficacy and efficiency. During a crisis, that’s even more crucial. Many care organisations view credentialing as the key hurdle to efficiency. But our view is that the most efficiencies are gained by layering credentialing over scheduling and other staff management processes in a single platform. That’s the only way to manage across disciplines accurately, so you can focus on caring for patients.

    With Sirenum’s platform for staff management, care organisations save time on roster management and payroll processing while offering unprecedented accuracy and transparency to end clients. Sirenum makes it easier than ever for your people to care for your patients. That’s why leading hospitals like St Thomas’ NHS Hospital in London and Soroka Hospital in Israel have chosen Sirenum during the coronavirus pandemic to better handle the crisis.

    To learn more about how Sirenum helps care organisations of all shapes and sizes, request a demo today.

    Sirenum for Care Staffing Agencies

    Our solutions for the care industry are not just for hospitals and care homes. Agencies providing staff to care organisations can also benefit from our industry-leading scheduling and compliance engines to manage their dynamic workers. To learn more about how Sirenum can help your agency, visit Sirenum for Staffing.

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