Hey ops teams at recruiting agencies, speak up!

Ops team complaining with megaphone

Too often, we visit recruiting agencies looking to transform their businesses without input from their operations professionals. It’s kind of mind boggling. And we know that you are frustrated. In just the last two weeks, three (!) times, we have had meetings with IT executives at large agencies who came to the table without a clue of what their ops teams were really burdened by. We have tried to convince these CTOs, CIOs, and others that a better ATS is only fixing part of the problem. But they are slow to pick it up and too often fail to properly reach out to constituents on the operations side of the house, taking the front-end recruitment and commercial teams for their word that their requirements are the only components to an IT-driven business transformation project.

So here’s our advice to ops teams: raise up and make yourself heard. Your day-to-day struggles with overburdened scheduling spreadsheets, clunky time-and-attendance capture, and inefficient payroll and invoicing processes need to be shared with your senior leadership. The good news is that we’ve found that once we can get you to the table, IT takes your concerns seriously. The bad news is that it takes too long to get you to the table if you don’t speak up for yourself. So grab that megaphone (or IT suggestion email inbox) and tell them what you need!