Sirenum is to start the testing phase of HR (( Time & Attendance )) and Operations (( Patrol )) with Llynch Hire Plant from the 2nd December 2013. Implementation phase will follow shortly after this.

Lynch Plant has been established for over 30 years and is a leading name in the plant hire industry.

The problem that Llynch was experiencing was that they need to manage the 300 staff who they have operating their plant equipment. These staff are often working in remote areas and alone. Using Sirenum they will be able to monitor where their operators are 24/7. This will be of great value as the operators have to ‘check-in’ on each machine they use – and often they can be working on five per day, at different locations. Presently, there is no-one there to validate when and where operators start working.

The information collated in real time will provide the basis for the operators time sheet – which is then fed into Llynch’s existing financial software to arrange payment to staff.