Sirenum Briefings

Contextual training for your dynamic workforce

Sirenum now enables you to quickly and easily brief your workforce, in context and fully audited, increasing compliance and improving employee performance.

Sirenum Briefings screenshot

Sirenum Briefings

When your business depends on dynamic workers, building, distributing, and managing briefings is no simple task. Unlike desk workers, dynamic workers lack regular access to technology and operate under a continuously evolving set of requirements. But you still need to be able to easily communicate key facts, perform quick training, and confirm worker acknowledgement, and you need to leverage the results to improve your schedules.


  • Contextual training and assessments

  • Health and safety notifications
  • Complete audit trail
  • Employee feedback


  • Quickly build, distribute, and manage briefings for your workforce
  • Easily define briefings by job role, site, client, industry, and more
  • Increase confidence that your teams are putting the right people on the job

Fully Audited Training and Notifications in Context

Sirenum Briefings empowers you to easily build briefings for your dynamic workers. Your workers will get the relevant briefing, by job type, site, client, and more, and you’ll get the results, instantly and in context. So you can be confident that your schedules are populated with the right workers and those workers are up-to-speed on what’s needed to do their job.