MySirenum for Staffing

A comprehensive mobile staff management solution

App Girl is part of the Staffing Superhero League. She uses MySirenum to manage her shifts and trade them, request holidays and view her projected pay. MySirenum does all that and more to give you and your teams schedule management at your fingertips.

Available on all major mobile platforms, MySirenum is the most powerful and flexible staff management app on the planet. Whether you’re a member of the team or the manager, or you need our revolutionary punch clock app, MySirenum helps improve productivity and employee engagement, while saving dramatically on operational costs.


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    Staffing Superheroes Save up to 4% on Their Total Cost of Labour

    Super Scheduler

    Meet Super Scheduler. At the end of the day, your clients measure you on whether you got the right person to the right place at the right time. Super Schedulers build and manage schedules faster than a speeding bullet–at least 50% faster, reducing time-to-fill by up to 80%.

    Orange Lantern

    Meet Orange Lantern. Customer satisfaction is a moving target, so your workers need to be where they’re supposed to be. Whether it’s geofencing or support for lone worker and patrol, Orange Lanterns have the tools to protect your staff while delighting your clients.

    Financial Flash

    Financial Flash

    Meet Financial Flash. Payroll is the source of more headaches at our clients than any other process. A Financial Flash gets to payroll in a quarter of the time with drastically fewer mistakes. A Financial Flash also doesn’t sacrifice on compliance, virtually eliminating costly and timely regulatory violations.

    Wonder Worker

    Wonder Worker

    Meet Wonder Worker. We believe staff engagement and compliance are crucial to 21st-century staffing. Wonder Workers are safer, more engaged, and less likely to leave. Plus, they’re much more likely to arrive on time.

    How Much Can You Save With Sirenum?


    ** Assumptions
    Median Number of Hours / Week: 32
    Median Cost of Recruitment Consultant: £40,000
    Median Rate of Temp / Hour: £12
    Median Cost of Onboarding New Temps: £500 

    * Required

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