Sirenum Onboarding

Simplify the recruiting process downstream

Deeply integrated with industry-leading technologies, Sirenum Onboarding facilitates the recruitment process and documentation gathering as you get your staff onboard, simplifying access to crucial information throughout the staff management lifecycle.

Sirenum Onboarding Screenshot

Sirenum Onboarding

Assimilating staff into today’s organisations is a time-consuming task, overburdened by data entry. It’s heavily reliant on paper and too often leaves decision makers blind to the success of its recruitment campaigns. From interviews to collecting work and insurance information, to signing the appropriate paperwork, too many teams are struggling to make the right decisions around and slow to initiate the process of bringing staff into the fold.


  • Recruitment tracking
  • Electronic signatures
  • Credentialing and documentation gathering


  • Easily manage signature process and related documentation in the cloud
  • Quickly import valuable HR information gathered as part of the onboarding process
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting campaigns

Drive Data Consistency

Leveraging integrations with leading recruiting platforms and electronic signature software, Sirenum makes it easy to measure and expedite the onboarding component of the staff management lifecycle. Using Sirenum and its partners to capture employee information as part of onboarding ensures access to accurate staff information downstream. And because Sirenum is fully cloud-based, you can access your staff data and processes wherever and whenever is convenient, with complete confidence that the documents and reports are the latest and fully secure.