Sirenum Update Delivers Enhancements to Mobile Scheduling, Payroll, and More

We are proud to announce that we released an update to our industry-leading staff management platform earlier this month, greatly expanding our mobile capabilities, while extending and refining other scheduling and payroll features and functionality. You can find more details below.

Mobile Scheduling
Scheduling is now mobile-friendly! Mobile browsers are now automatically detected, delivering a mobile-friendly layout, including support for contextual menus with an extended tap.
Other scheduling changes
  • Open shifts has been updated with improved searching and staff selection
  • Automatic click-to-call integration with Skype and other VOIP software from within the Scheduling UI
  • Increased flexibility in supporting employee requests
  • Improved timesheet entry process
  • Improved shift approval process
  • Increased support for attachments
  • Improved shift invitation and acceptance process
  • Enhanced auditing functionality within the Client Console
  • Increased granularity for Minimum Staffing Level for weekends