Improvements Across Multiple Processes and Modules Highlight Sirenum Release 1.83

There’s some fun stuff in the latest release of Sirenum, which was delivered earlier this month. Among the highlights are embedded maps with shift reminders, beta capabilities for Google Calendar integration, and significant improvements to the client console. Contact your Sirenum representative to benefit from this release.

Highlights of Sirenum 1.83


  • Shift notification emails now come with a map of the site.
  • Travel instructions will now appear in shift notification emails, if filled.

Rule Engine

  • Rules will now be cleared for cancelled shifts, if there were previous alerts on the shifts.


  • Added support for mixed daily/weekly overtime.
  • Improved cost matrix setup.

Client Console

  • Managers can now view their own bookings

Google Calendar

  • New allowance for multiple contacts to synchronize with the same Google account.