Sirenum University is a new, free way to learn Sirenum basics.

Sirenum University allows you to learn how to use the Sirenum workforce management platform, step by step. Get to know the different modules and capabilities of the system at your own pace. Easy to navigate and easy to understand. Sirenum University brings you the content that you are looking for to learn how to use Sirenum. Navigate the page to find relevant content, watch video tutorials and read articles to get the most out of your Sirenum experience.
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As many times as you need, wherever you are.

Did you ever wonder how to create new Skills in Sirenum or how to access your own User Settings? Now you can find quick answers wherever you are, regardless of your device. The content is easily accessible on the Sirenum University portal, in the form of short videos, courses, and articles that get straight to the point.

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Can’t you find what you’re looking for? Make suggestions!

The content you find at Sirenum University grows every month with new training solutions for you and your team. If you wish to learn any specific actions or features, contact us to submit your suggestions. Our customers are crucial as we determine the content you see on our site, so you can be sure the information on Sirenum University stays relevant and up to date.