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Sirenum for Staffing

In real estate, the key to success is location, location, location. But if you’re in the staffing business, you know it’s operations, operations, operations. And nothing prepares you for the future like getting your operations in order. You probably got into recruiting and staffing because you like helping people find the right job. But getting the right person is just part of it, especially with part-time placements. And while you probably are using the latest technology and associated processes for finding those jobs, you’re not likely keeping the same eye on the future for your operations.

Contingent workers need to be where you want them. On time. Every time. If you’re not hitting your targets, there’s another agency out there that will. And it doesn’t stop with getting them in your client’s front door. Protecting their health and safety and minimising client risk are crucial, too. So is getting your people paid accurately, efficiently, and on time. And don’t forget to make sure you get paid by your clients!

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    Save up to 4% on Your Total Cost of Labour

    F3 by Sirenum

    F3 by Sirenum allows recruitment consultants and operations teams to broadcast openings and get confirmation from workers faster than ever before. F3 lets only relevant staff view and accept available shifts, increasing engagement and improving efficiency across the value chain. With F3 by Sirenum, you can lower your time-to-fill to just ten seconds.

    How Much Can You Save With Sirenum?


    ** Assumptions
    Median Number of Hours / Week: 32
    Median Cost of Recruitment Consultant: £40,000
    Median Rate of Temp / Hour: £12
    Median Cost of Onboarding New Temps: £500 

    * Required

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