July 15, 2016

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Dynamo Accelerator Wraps Up Week One

We here at Sirenum are extremely excited to be part of the inaugural cohort of teams in the brand new Dynamo accelerator in Chattanooga, TN. Today marks the end of the first full week of this accelerator whose goal is driving innovation into the transport and logistics industry. And what a first week it was, ending with news of a fantastic addition to the program.

Sirenum co-founders Joshua Pines and Benjamin Rubin in the Dynamo offices

Sirenum co-founders Joshua Pines and Benjamin Rubin in the Dynamo offices in Chattanooga, TN

Lost in Chattanooga

The accelerator was the brainchild of Ted Alling, Barry Large, and Allan Davis, the team behind the Chattanooga-based Lamp Post Group, civic leaders and local boys done good in this growing town of under 200,000 less than two hours from Atlanta. Chattanooga has a strong heritage as a logistics and transport hub dating back to the 19th century. The people behind Dynamo hope to reestablish “Nooga” as a key player in those industries and in technology more broadly, and they’ve built a top-notch extended team of partners such as GE Ventures and mentors like Gary Vaynerchuk.

One Good Thing Begets Another

Our participation in Dynamo is actually a direct result of our participation in the HackTrain accelerator in London earlier this year. One of the program’s mentors, Jon Bradford–arguably the leading startup guru in the British Isles–recommended we look into Dynamo after meeting with us in London. It was a grueling but enlightening interview and application process, which increased our interest level. Finally, just a few weeks ago, we found out that we made the cut along with a fantastic and fantastically diverse cohort of ten small businesses with representatives from Mexico, Ireland, the UK, and all around the US.

There’s still loads to learn, but if this week is any indication, there’s no doubt that our time here in Chattanooga will be dynamite. Onward and upward!



March 2, 2016

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On Our First Day at Hacktrain

Hacking the Rails from Beautiful New Digs

A few weeks ago, Sirenum was privileged to be selected by Hacktrain, a new accelerator project from Hack Partners designed to drivehacktrain white background innovation into the rail ecosystem. As you may know, Sirenum was originally built to manage a staffing agency serving the rail industry–we’ve been known to say that we were built from the tracks up–with a particular eye on the special health and safety concerns of working with trains. But selling into the rail industry is not a piece of cake. A key part of the Sirenum value proposition to train operating companies (TOCs) and others in the rail ecosystem is that we help remove silos that have been built up over decades and have increased costs and inefficiencies. But unfortunately, it’s precisely those silos that make it so hard to sell to these companies!

IMG_5539 (1)Luckily we weren’t the only industry vendors who saw this, and Hacktrain aims to help. Yesterday we kicked off a three-month residence at WeWork’s amazing new Old Street location in the heart of the Silicon Roundabout–London’s answer to the Bay Area’s Silicon Valley and New York’s Silicon Alley. As part of the accelerator, we will work closely with virtually all the key TOCs in Greater London, including two of our current customers, as well as a cohort of ten amazing companies looking to “hack the rails”. The energy yesterday was incredible and the synergies across the accelerator participants were immediately apparent. It’s just the beginning of our time in Hacktrain’s railtech accelerator, but we’re thrilled with the opportunity so far.

We’ve already built into the Sirenum platform a number of features aimed directly at rail industry challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Transec Compliance
  • Lone Worker Support
  • Patrol Management
  • Safety-Critical Worker Monitoring
  • Compliance Management
  • Risk and Fatigue Management
  • Hidden Compliance

But there’s so much more we can do, with the industry’s help, and we think Hacktrain’s innovative mentality is just the ticket to get the industry where it should be going.

To learn more about Sirenum solutions for the rail, please visit our solutions page or contact us at rail@sirenum.com.