Sirenum Compliance

Build a robust compliance engine and repository

Sirenum has built the industry’s most powerful system for building compliance rules and managing employee certifications, licenses, and permits in order to ensure a robust health and safety programme while also driving more efficient operations.

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Sirenum Compliance

When your organisation relies on staff for operational purposes, managing competencies across multiple factors is crucial to compliance and in turn, ensuring high health and safety standards. Whether it’s licensing and permit data, or travel and training documentation, knowing who is trained and allowed to perform certain tasks is key to your operational success.


  • Competency management
  • Audit

  • Contextual risk mitigation and fatigue management


  • Easily access all compliance documentation, anywhere, anytime
  • Be alerted to impending compliance concerns, before they become a problem
  • Minimise risk of competency expiration

Simplify Compliance Management

With Sirenum Compliance, you can easily maintain a repository of information on your staff’s licenses, permits, and relevant documentation. You also get a series of industry-standard compliance rules. Plus, Sirenum enables you to quickly build compliance rules of your own. This allows you to more accurately and effectively schedule, giving you confidence that no compliance concerns are raised and the right person with the right qualifications is being deployed. And because it’s in the cloud, you know that you’ll always have easy access to view and update, anywhere, anytime.

Sirenum and GDPR

GDPR compliance remains at the top of every European compliance officer’s list. At Sirenum, we are dedicated to helping our clients meet compliance challenges so it’s at the top of ours, too. Sirenum makes it easy to meet your GDPR goals by simplifying management of worker information. And because Sirenum is built on Salesforce, you can be confident that worker data is handled properly all the way through. We’re proud to work closely with partners like Salesforce and Bullhorn on this and other data compliance initiatives. To learn more about how we can help you with GDPR, please contact us today.