The Aftermath of
Digital Transformation

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    Our webinar with partner Lauren Jones from Leap Consulting Solutions was designed to help staffing companies better understand the aftereffects of the global pandemic and how this has impacted digital transformation. You can watch the webinar below where we covered:

    • Why operations are key to success
    • Why you need to focus on the platform more than the product
    • Advice on how to keep momentum while adopting new technology
    • The KPIs you should be looking at to help on your digital transformation journey

    Sirenum for Staffing

    You probably got into recruiting and staffing because you like helping people find the right job. But getting the right person is just part of it, especially with temporary placements.

    Dynamic workers need to be where your clients want them. On time. Every time. If you’re not hitting your targets, there’s another agency out there that will. And doing it faster and better means your clients will use you more. But it doesn’t stop with getting them in your clients’ front doors. Protecting their health and safety and minimising client risk are crucial, too. So is getting your workforce paid accurately, efficiently, and on time. And don’t forget to make sure you get paid by your clients!

    sirenum client console

    Sirenum Client Console

    The Sirenum Client Console provides easy access to a variety of functions for your clients. From timesheet approval to submitting scheduling requests to client-specific dashboards, the self-service functionality of the Client Console provides a significant productivity boost for your clients. But it’s more than just productivity. The Client Console strengthens client relationships and streamlines consultant workloads by reducing double data entry and making many of their previous manual tasks obsolete. So they can spend more time on high-value activities. Learn more here

    F3 by Sirenum

    F3 by Sirenum allows recruitment consultants and operations teams to broadcast openings and get confirmations from workers faster than ever before. F3 lets only relevant staff view and accept available shifts, increasing engagement and improving efficiency across the value chain.

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