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about us illustration-08In 2about us illustration-09009, Sirenum founder Benjamin Rubin and his wife landed in Mumbai on their honeymoon. Together they had been running a staffing agency in London, focused on the transportation industry. It was just after midnight as they passed through passport control when Benjamin’s mobile rang and he learned that one of their employees had been hit by a train.

Thankfully, he soon recovered, but Benjamin and his new wife were shaken. They decided never to be in that position again. They needed a tool to deploy and manage their staff safely at multiple locations. And thus, the idea for Sirenum was conceived.

In 20about us illustration-0711, the staffing agency started using the platform that would become Sirenum and was able tabout us illustration-10o beat the competition on price, quality, and delivery for the right to staff the 2012 London Olympics. By 2014, Sirenum was a standalone product and began adding more staffing and rail clients. Since then we've moved into other industries and geographies. Our team has developed Sirenum by adding feature by feature, improving with every new challenge and learning from each mistake. The Sirenum platform is now used to manage more than 100,000 workers across tens of thousands of sites around the globe and is adding thousands of workers every month.


Sirenum is growing quickly and is seeking investment to accelerate that growth further. To help drive Sirenum's growth, please contact Joshua Pines, Director of Corporate Development and Marketing.

To learn more about investing in Sirenum, please visit our profiles on AngelList, LinkedIn, or CrunchBase.

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Our Mission

Transform the way organisations connect with their staff

Increase the engagement of part-time, temporary and mobile workers

Improve health and safety compliance in highly regulated industries

Clients and Partners

Sirenum helps clients in multiple industries, from staffing to retail to construction to transport and more. With clients around the globe, Sirenum has demonstrated the ability to address specific HR and regulatory concerns regardless of location. To help those clients reach their staff management objectives faster, Sirenum partners with industry leaders in software, implementation services and distribution. To learn more, visit our Partners page.

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