Staffing Superheroes
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Wonder Worker

Wonder Worker

With Sirenum’s advanced staff management platform, your staff turns into Wonder Workers. Wonder Workers are safer, more engaged, and less likely to leave. They arrive on time more regularly, and their clients are happier with both them and your agency. Sirenum enables innovative and profitable agencies to make their staff feel like they’re on Themyscira. Fill the form to find out more about how your staff can become Wonder Workers.

Financial Flash

Financial Flash

Sirenum Financial automates timesheet and invoice development, so every person in your accounting department can become a Financial Flash. A Financial Flash gets to payroll in a quarter of the time with drastically fewer mistakes. A Financial Flash also doesn’t sacrifice on compliance, virtually eliminating costly and timely regulatory violations. But Financial Flashes don’t just live in Central City, you can have your own team of Financial Flashes wherever you are. Fill out the form to learn more…

Super Scheduler

What could your operations teams do with a team of Super Schedulers? Would they leap tall buildings in a single bound? Maybe, but not because of Sirenum’s industry-leading scheduling engine. But it would help Super Schedulers build and manage schedules faster than a speeding bullet–at least 50% faster, reducing time-to-fill by up to 80%. Super Schedulers also help ensure that your clients always have the right person at the right place at the right time. Kinda like another superhero in blue… Fill out the form to learn more about how Sirenum Scheduling can fill your teams with Super Schedulers.

App Girl

Mobility rocks and App Girl knows it. Her superior training and knowledge is one reason why. MySirenum is another. App Girl knows that MySirenum can help her find work where and when she wants it. MySirenum also helps App Girl check in and out when she’s on a shift. It even helps her find out what her next paycheck is going to look like. With MySirenum, App Girl never has to worry about taking dark vengeance. Fill out the form to find out more.

Orange Lantern

Monitoring the health and wellbeing of your staff is no easy task. You need a corps of people shining their lights on your workforce wherever they go. With Sirenum Monitoring, no evil shall escape your team’s sight. Whether it’s geofencing to ensure your workers are in the right place or support for lone worker and patrol, your team of Orange Lanterns have the tools to protect your staff while delighting your clients. Other time and attendance tools are limited to punching in and now–they’re no match for Sirenum Monitoring. To learn more about how we help you develop a team of Orange Lanterns, fill out the form.

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