Sirenum Financial

A complete financial toolkit for your staff-related initiatives.

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From time interpretation to invoice management to budgets based on shifts, teams and more, Sirenum Financial gets your house in order for all dynamic workforce management financial needs.


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Sirenum Financial

Organisations that rely on staff for operational purposes spend far too much time on managing the financial aspects of the staff management process. Our research shows that as much a third of management time is spent on time interpretation for the payroll of hourly, remote, and mobile staff. When you add in time spent on preparing budgets and invoices for staff related projects and expenses, you can see how middle management can easily get buried under by these tasks.


  • Expense management
  • Payroll approval

  • Budget control

  • Simplified invoicing


  • Ensure accurate payroll in less time and at a lower cost
  • Focus management time on higher value tasks
  • Easily produce budgets and invoices for staff-related costs

Increase Financial Efficiency

By integrating with upstream data, while simplifying the handoff of information further downstream, Sirenum Financial allows organisations to easily prepare and manage budgets, invoices, cost centres, payroll and more. Sirenum’s cloud-based tools ensure that the correct time interpretation data is delivered to your net pay processor, with minimal input, freeing management to focus on higher-value activities.