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The Home Screen

When you log into the app, the first screen you will see is the home screen.

The home screen may differ in appearance depending on your schedule, however, it is split into two main sections. The first section is ‘Actions’ and the second section is ‘Map’.


The actions section will allow you to perform different contextual actions.

For example, if you are on site and ready to start a shift, you can press the green ‘Start’ button to start your shift.

The main contextual actions are ‘Confirm’ and ‘Start’.


If you have been assigned a shift by your employment agency, you will have to confirm your attendance using the MySirenum app.

Unless your employment agency informs you otherwise, the ‘Confirm’ button will only become available two (2) hours prior to the shift commencing.

To confirm your shift, tap the purple ‘Confirm’ button.

Once you have confirmed your shift, you will receive a pop-up message and your employment agency will receive a separate notification that you have confirmed your attendance.


When you are on-site and ready to start work, press the green ‘Start’ button.

Your start time and location will be recorded by MySirenum and provided to your employment agency.

You will also receive a pop-up message on confirming that your shift has started.

After you have started your shift, you will notice two additional buttons appear. Firstly, the ‘Finish’ button and secondly, the ‘Start Break’ button.

You can use the ‘Finish’ button to end your shift.

You can use the ‘Start Break’ button to start your break (remember to end your break using the ‘End Break’ button after you have started a break).

Again; all the time and location information received from pressing these buttons will be passed to your employment agency.


The map section on the home screen will contain a button entitled ‘Navigate’.

You can press the ‘Navigate’ button to open a map and get directions to your next shift.

The map will show you the location of the next shift.

Press the ‘Directions’ button to start navigating to the shift location used your phones GPS.

The mapping software is not part of MySirenum. The map is your default phone mapping app (e.g Google Maps).

GPS must be enabled on your phone for this feature to function correctly.

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