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Make a Request

The ‘Make a Request’ option is another way that you can inform your agency that you are available or unavailable for work.

For example, you can inform your agency that you are unavailable to work between 9.00 AM and 1.00 PM on the 1st of March because you are at a university lecture.

You can access this option from the main menu by selecting ‘Availability Periods’.

Making the Request

Tap the ‘Make a Request’ button from the menu.

A new screen will appear.

The new screen contains five options.

The first option is the ‘Date’. This refers to the date of your availability / unavailability.

The next field is the ‘Start Time’. This field represents the time that your availability or unavailability starts.

The next field is the ‘End Time’ field. This field refers to the end time of your availability or unavailability.

The next option is the ‘Request’ option. This is a space for you to provide information, in text format, about your request. For example, you could enter here, ‘University’ to tell your agency that you are at university during the specified time.

The final option on the form is the ‘Availability’ field. This is where you stipulate whether you are available or unavailable.

When you have completed all the information on the form, press the ‘Request’ button at the bottom of the screen.

A pop-up message will confirm that the request has been created successfully.

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