Sirenum COVID-19 Resources

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we have created these resources to help during the crisis. 

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Sirenum for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

We are right at the beginning of the most unprecedented global medical programme in generations. Sirenum for Vaccination Administration makes use of how quickly and efficiently healthcare professionals can be scheduled and deployed to vaccine administering locations to help the most vulnerable. Rapid implementation means staffing companies can be assisting the effort in just days. To learn more, sign up for our webinar, visit our Sirenum for COVID Vaccinations page or fill out the form below.

Sirenum for COVID-19 Hospital Staff Management

Sirenum has launched a new product built on our platform to help hospitals manage the challenges specific to crisis management. Sirenum for COVID-19 Hospital Staff Management combines all the best features of the Sirenum platform with hospital-specific templates and dashboards, plus an accelerated implementation process to get hospitals up and running in as little as 48 hours. To learn more, visit the Sirenum for Hospitals page, download our Sirenum for Hospitals fact sheet, or fill out the form below.

Sirenum for Care Home Staff Management

Like hospitals, care homes are facing a number of new staff-related challenges due to the crisis, from fatigue management to staff segregation and more. Sirenum for Care leverages the Sirenum platform with care-specific templates and dashboards, plus an accelerated implementation process just like we’ve built for hospitals. To learn more, visit the Sirenum for Care page, download the Sirenum for care fact sheet, or fill out the form below.

SirenumGo for Volunteer Management

To help organisations support their constituents during the pandemic, Sirenum has launched SirenumGo. Built on our industry-leading staffing platform, SirenumGo enables grassroots groups, non-profit organisations, and governmental bodies to easily mobilise and engage volunteers and match them to their constituents’ needs. To learn more, visit the SirenumGo webpage or click here to read the press release.


Our Sirenum COVID-19 Response

We are committed to supporting our entire client base worldwide throughout this situation. Fortunately, as a company built for the dynamic workforce, we have supported our team working remotely since our inception. So at Sirenum, even though we understand that for most it’s not life as usual, it remains business as usual.

Our Team

First of all, our staff is healthy and safe. As our team works remotely normally, we do not anticipate significant disruption to projects or delivery time. Training, support, and services will all continue as normal leveraging virtual tools and resources. In fact, our support team has actually gotten larger with increased multilingual support in the last month. For the foreseeable future, we will be avoiding face-to-face contact as much as possible both internally and externally and conducting meetings virtually through Citrix GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts. We will continue to prioritise business continuity, diverting resources to client support activities as our top priority.  

Our Technology

Sirenum software is cloud-based and built on Salesforce infrastructure, arguably the most robust in the industry. Our clients can be confident that their usage of our platform will not be impacted by this situation whatsoever, so they can continue to operate as usual. 

Your Team

We know that many of our clients’ employees have no option to work remotely. Whether nurses and doctors caring for the ill, engineers keeping our trains running, or cleaners on the front lines of ensuring safe public and private places, more than 350,000 workers and their employers depend on Sirenum for millions of vital in-person shifts. As ever, their health and safety is paramount. We want to send sincere thanks to them for the important job they’re doing, and we are proud of the small role that we play in helping make that happen. 

These are extraordinary times, but we are committed to maintaining our business operations so our clients can continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption, and so they can continue to work as usual.

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