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Making Transport Safer and Cheaper to Operate

Whether on the rails, the highway, or the high seas, passenger satisfaction is influenced most by timeliness and safety. With Sirenum's platform for staff management, transport organisations can improve the primary driver of both--their people. Our advanced roster management improves both customer service and employee engagement, while our industry-leading health and safety management capabilities minimise risk.

It goes beyond basic roster management. Highly regulated industries like transport also need help with processes like patrol and managing lone workers. Sirenum is the only staff management tool on the market built to handle both processes with Transec and hidden compliance standard.

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Building and managing rosters is key to transport operations. Sirenum's industry-leading scheduling engine automates roster management with embedded compliance, competency, fatigue and risk management, improving health and safety of your people and your passengers. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Say hello to having the right person in the right place at the right time. Every time.

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The wide variety of mission-critical workers within a transport organisation requires operations teams to have a broad set of tools for understanding worker behavior and whereabouts. After all, managing a clerk in the ticket booth is vastly different from managing engineering teams on the rails. Our suite of monitoring tools takes the guesswork away so your operations can run smoothly and safely.

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With many of your workers in multiple locations, across variable shifts, and with a wide variety of pay rates, preparing payroll is a headache. But with Sirenum, payroll inputs are captured automatically as part of usual employee behavior. So instead of tracking down and entering data on employee hours, rates, and locations, it's all there already--saving you up to 75% on payroll processing.

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Sirenum transport clients have achieved up to 400% ROI

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