August 16, 2017

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Living Vicariously Through Our Clients…Where’s My Cape?

We’ve already written more than a couple times about some of the cool and/or mundane things our clients do. When you make workforce management software, it’s impossible not to be a part of what people are doing in their jobs. Usually, it’s pretty vanilla–though far from unimportant–stuff like the everyday workers described in my colleague Jennifer Cuetara’s great post about commuting to work, entitled The Invisible Workforce.

The Invisible Workforce

But earlier this week, just a few blocks from my flat, a security guard from our client, SQR Security Solutions, decided his regular job wasn’t enough for him and instead he would be a superhero. And he did it just metres from one of the many London-area transport stations where Sirenum-managed workers are placed by our client Pro-Active Rail. Check out The Evening Standard for coverage and even video of the heroism.


The common perception is that the only connection between software and superheroes is that most engineers are avid comic book readers–see literally any episode of The Big Bang Theory–but clearly, as our friends at SQR demonstrated, there’s more to it than just that!

Big Bang Theory

July 10, 2015

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Staff Monitoring Deserves a Makeover

Staff monitoring makeoverLooking at the title, you might be thinking, “how can you possibly defend workforce monitoring?” Of course, monitoring is generally associated with employer abuse. But what about when monitoring actually improves staff productivity or health and safety? Or when monitoring can help organisations pay staff more accurately and efficiently? It’s time to really look at what staff monitoring can do.

In today’s economy, virtually every industry now relies on hourly workers for operational purposes. Furthermore, globalisation has created a work environment where mission critical employees may be located in distant regions with strict regulation around remuneration and overtime. Very often, time and attendance for these employees is only manually captured, which inevitably leads to mistakes, leading to staff not being paid accurately and creating a process where management is required to confirm manually, wasting significant time and energy. Furthermore, staff are often left without the ability to prove they actually got to work on time or stayed later than required. The natural consequence is a disengaged and unhappy workforce earning lower salaries due to what amounts to a simple human error…and unhappy management stuck with the unenviable task of manually confirming shifts and processing payroll.

But with the cloud, you can see monitoring’s better side. Companies wanting to empower their staff and ease management can now opt for cloud-based solutions that can easily prove the exact location of a worker upon arrival and departure, serving as a reliable intermediary that can’t fail, can’t lie, and is auditable. But easily getting accurate start and end times on a shift is just one benefit of monitoring staff with the cloud. Monitoring is also crucial for security companies employing lone workers, providing them with a tool to ensure they stay well while working alone. It can also lend an extra level of accuracy for the purposes of patrol, easily demonstrating to end clients the quality of the work being provided. All while not requiring management to manually process the information for customer service or payroll purposes.

So instead of staff monitoring being an ugly duckling, it looks more like it’s actually ready for its closeup.

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