November 15, 2017

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Dynamic Workers

1. Dynamic workers need to be treated equally

It’s not just that they want it–by law they require it. In the UK, an agency worker is entitled, among others, to receive at least the National Minimum Wage and the statutory minimum length of rest breaks and holidays. Dynamic workers must also be allowed to use the company canteens, transportation pick-up services and other services that permanent workers may use.

workers canteen

2. They are brand ambassadors

Treating your temporary workers with respect is something we shouldn’t be reminding you to do, but going beyond their expectations can be beneficial for your business strategy. If they like working with you, it’s more likely they will talk about your products or services and will recommend them to their friends and their acquaintances.

Dynamic workers with friend

3. Their feedback is precious

Whether you are a staffing agency that send workers to work to your client’s facilities or you manage dynamic workers in-house, you should really value your staff’s feedback. If you are a staffing agency, they can tell you about certain job-related requirements that your client may not communicate but are important to perform the job. This information gives you the opportunity to brief your candidates to excel above competition in the future. If you occasionally hire dynamic workers in-house, you must consider their comments and feedback, since they come with a fresh pair of eyes to quickly detect inefficiencies and improve your operations.

manager hearing feedback from dynamic worker

4. Dynamic workers want to have control

A typical agency worker likes the flexibility they have when it comes to choosing their availability and applying to the jobs or gigs they are interested in. They appreciate being dynamic workers. Empowering them with the ability to have their work-related information accessible at their fingertips will significantly increase their engagement with your business. Leveraging cloud and mobile technology allows your dynamic workers to instantly feel they belong to your team. Some forward-thinking agencies already use modern shift broadcast systems like F3, or allow their candidates to swap shifts in-app with manager approval.

Dynamic worker using phone app

5. They bring new skills to your team

Having new people in your team is always beneficial if you are looking to address a temporary challenge. It’s not only a clever choice to face a seasonal peak demand, but also to quickly incorporate skilled employees for a business transition or arduous temporary projects. Consider the different talents your candidates bring to your team. Leveraging a temporary agency can be a great resource to find permanent hires for your organisation too! Even in the staffing business, you may find a candidate with relevant skills to help your business from the inside.

dynamic workers waitress

These are just some of the things you should know about your dynamic workers. They help you face your operational challenges, so make sure you keep them engaged with your business! Contact Sirenum today if you want to better manage your dynamic workers.

November 3, 2017

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Sirenum Adds Scheduling and Workforce Management Expert to Lead Development

London-based workforce management vendor announces Hagai Shatz as new Head of R&D

London, UK–Sirenum, the leading UK provider of cloud-based workforce management to the temp agency market, is proud to announce the addition of Hagai Shatz to the executive team as Head of Research and Development, where he will be leading the development of the Sirenum platform.

Shatz brings almost 20 years experience in engineering and implementation in the workforce management industry, playing key roles for well-established organisations in Israel and the UK, including more than 13 years at industry-leading field service management vendor Click Software. At Sirenum, Hagai is responsible for directing the core development team, aiming to transform customer needs into new features and capabilities. A key focus for Shatz and his team will be improving the UI/UX of the company’s workforce management tools, which has been one of Shatz’s core areas of expertise throughout his career.

“Hagai is a top-notch developer and development manager in workforce management and scheduling,” said Sirenum Founder and CEO Benjamin Rubin. “It’s clear that our market is clamoring for better workforce management technology. As we have matured, it was time to move our engineering focus into this area. Knowing that, getting someone like Hagai is really a coup for a growing business like Sirenum.”

“I’m really excited to lead development for an organisation like Sirenum,” said Shatz. “Our market is ready for next-generation workforce management, and I really believe in what Benjamin and the team he’s put together are doing.”

About Sirenum: Sirenum powers the dynamic workforce. As the leading global provider of cloud-based workforce management technology to temporary staffing agencies, Sirenum provides transformational technology to innovative employers, streamlining the management of tens of thousands of workers across the UK, Europe, and the USA, including organisations in the government, transport and logistics, care, and security and events verticals. To learn more about Sirenum solutions, please visit
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