Sirenum helps you better manage your hourly workers

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What We Do

The Sirenum dynamic workforce management platform leverages cloud and mobile technology to  increase revenue and lower costs across multiple key processes

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Increase gross profit and improve operational efficiency by putting the right person in the right place at the right time.

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Build compliance rules and manage certifications, credentials, and permits to improve health and safety and streamline operations.

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Proactively reduce lateness and uncovered shifts, capture time and attendance, manage patrol and lone workers, and more.

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Simplify the calculation and processing of gross pay, automate invoice development, and more, freeing time and resources.

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Availability management. Shift approval and trading. Staff communications. Site management. Holiday requests. All at your fingertips.

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Our Mission

Transform the way organisations connect with their staff

Increase the engagement of part-time, temporary and mobile workers

Improve health and safety compliance in highly regulated industries

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